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Zinger, Brady & Solo Play at the Park

May 14, 2005


Click on an image to bring up a larger version.   Brady's the one with the frisbee.

All 3 Kids


Brady's the one with the frisbee

Solo's in the middle

Zinger & Solo play while Brady concentrates on the frisbee

On the run!

We're coming, Brady!

Good sit!


Just having fun

Let's play!


Brady with the frisbee

Brady rests
Zinger sniffs

Zinger chases Brady

More Zinger & Brady

Kathy with the 3


Solo & Zinger play while Brady rests

Zinger & Solo

Zinger & Solo

Zinger & Solo running!

Really running!


Zinger & ?

Kathy teaches Zinger the tunnel

Lori, Zinger & Solo

Lori teaches Zinger the tunnel
















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