Solo's very first AKC run - from last fall!    Solo popped out of the tunnel because I crossed when he was in it.     He hasn't popped out since.    Another thing I noticed when I watched the video was that I tugged on my sleeves a lot - definitely something I'm trying to stop!

Put your cursor over the black screen to play.   (Scroll down to see Brady's run.)      If you can't get it to work below, try clicking on this link.




Brady's Jumpers With Weaves run!    You can see the judge make a motion at the weave poles & then take it back - he forgot we were in Novice & the weaves aren't faulted.   I've since replaced the "Get Out!" with a "GO!"   Brady definitely  prefers a GO if he's supposed to do whatever's in front of him.   Hadn't realized how harsh my Get Out sounded till I watched the video.  

If you can't get it to display below, try clicking on this link.