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Sunday's pictures from Woodland Park.      We had another fun day!


This was our kitchen.   Mama didn't cook, but we had some yummy carry-out.

The livin room area was nice, and the little couch was comfy.

The eatin table was little, but it didn't matter to us.   Did ya see the handsome corgis on that screen?

We walked so much that we got really tired.

Sometimes it's more comfy to sleep on the bed.

I like to chew on the cow's ears.   But, bones are even better!

This is the back of the cabin we stayed in.

This is the whole row of cabins.   There was 5 of them.

This was right outside the cabins.

Another picture of the whole place where we stayed

Would ya throw the stick, PLEASE!

Our walk at the cabinwas almost over, so of course we started to wrestle!

I'm ferocious!

The front of our cabin.

NC (no corgis)



We liked walkin on the carpet of leaves.

We was in the deep woods.

Bunny Butts




A pretty church (NC)

Cripple Creek was a mining town, but now it's mostly gambling.  (NC)



Mama parked the car, and we walked down this deserted dirt road.  (NC)

We enjoyed our walk, even if Mama made us wear leashes.

If I lift this heavy stick, will you throw it for me?!

Mama sed if we got lost here we mite never be found, so she made us wear leashes even though they got tangled.

I LOVE to explore!

I found this chest in the woods.   Looked like it had an old record player in it.   I was HOPIN there was food!


After our walk in the woods, OF COURSE we had to wrestle again!

We love wrestlin, and it makes the walk longer!

We was really dusty after this match!


With all the leaves on the ground, soon there won't be many left on the trees.  Guess that mean it'll snow soon!   I LOVE snow!!










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