Brady & Solo Visit Woodland Park


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Solo turned two on September 21!     To celebrate his birthday, we got to spend a weekend at a really nice cabin.  

Just click on a picture to bring up a larger version.


Right after we got to town, we visited Memorial Park for a quick walk.

We really liked the little cabin.

On Saturday we visited Manitou Lake.

We really liked the lake.  If you look close, you can see beaver!

Why can't I pick this "stick" up?

The lake was real pretty.  They didn't allow dogs to go swimmin, but we don't like going in deep water, so it wasn't a problem.

The lake is part of Pike National Forest.

I just love to roll around!

We left the lake and walked along Centennial Trail.

There's some kind of sign here.   Wonder what it says?


Cause of the lions & bears, Mama made us wear leashes, even when we were out of the national park.

Chasin sticks isn't as much fun when you're wearin a leash!

How you doin?

Lookin good!

Whatya got there?

Bunny Butts on the move


We walked a LONG way, and I had to take a rest.

This was a big lake!

OK, maybe the bridge is broken.  But, I bet it can still hold a corgi's weight!

We wanna go this way!

I really wanted to drink the water in the lake, but Mama wouldn't let me.

There was lots of peoples fishin at the lake.   But, we wasn't allowed to meet them.

Gotta stretch!

When the walk's comin to an end we LOVE to wrestle!

Wrestlin's really fun!


The place where we stayed had cabins & a hotel!

Solo didn't wanna have his picture taken

Posin's boring, so I started giving Mama kisses to tell her we was done.

We went to Cripple Creek on Saturday afternoon and got to take a walk on the way there.

There wasn't much of a trail here.

The aspen leaves was changin

Lots of peoples stopped their cars to look at the pretty leaves.

The town of Cripple Creek

Mama took SO many pictures that Sunday's pictures are on their own page!






















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