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Merry Christmas from Brady & Solo!!


We went for a long walk in the park today, and had the best time!    Here are our pictures.   Just click on one of them to see it bigger.

We're goin to the park today.   I'm really excited!

It hasn't snowed since last weekend, but there was still some at the park.

I found this stick.    Would you throw it please?

OK, how bout this one?!

Brady & me like to roll around

We both find it very relaxing

Bunny Butts!


I got another stick!

ANOTHER stick!

We started to get a little dirty

This park has sticks of every size, and I'm gonna test em all.

This park is always pretty

There's nothin better than rollin in snow on a warm day!

I love to explore!

Good thing the snow hadn't melted on all the trails.   It wouldda been muddy, and we might have gotten really dirty

Sometimes mama's arm gets tired of throwen sticks and they end in the trees "by accident."

I tried to get clean by rollen in the snow, but it didn't work.

I got a little dirty, but I found this great stick!

Guess what?!   I found a stick!  BOL!

Laying on the snow is very refreshing

This park has really good smells

Lots of places to explore!

Here I come!

I could spend the entire day here!

Bet there's interestin stuff down there too

I'm comin!   You gotta stick?

When the pictures close like this you can't even tell that I got a little dirty

Can't tell I'm dirty either as long as you don't look at my feets or face.

This park would be perfect if only I could find a bunny to chase!

This is an embarrisin picture!

Hi, you sure are big!

This has been a really happy day

This is the bestest Christmas yet!
















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