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 Hi!    Thanks for checkin out our web site!   Me & Solo are two fun-loving Corgis!     We hope you have fun looken at our pages.  



Latest Agility News (7/27/06):   

  • Me & Solo did another trial last weekend!   This time it was UKC.   I was just the 2'nd time I played the UKC and the first time I ever played in Agility 2 where they got all the fun equipment!   This was Solo's first ever UKC trial!

  • We both ran the Agility 1.    We placed every time!   I got  1'st, 3'rd, and  4'th place finishes.   My first place finish was really great!  I had a perfect score and came in 30 seconds under the time I was lowed!    I got a High in Trial ward for that run!    Mama got a pretty big ribbon, and I got a new toy!

  • I ran gility 2 three times.   I qualified in two of them runs with first places!   I'da qualified in the other run too, but for the dreded pause box.  BOL!

  • Solo only ran in gility 1.      He did GREAT!    Once he got a 199 and came in 2'nd place (to me!)    Once he had a perfect run and got 200 points!    He came in first that time!!   Wow, I'm not used to Solo doin bettern me!   BOL!

  • Both me and Solo got our U-AG1 titles!    Solo was SO proud of himself cause he earned a title in just 3 runs!   I'm happy for him too!





















































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