Corgis Need More Food!!!


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I'm  and this is my brother  .   We made this page.   My brother  & me think it's time that we let the hoomans no what they're doin to us!    This week mama put Brady & me on a diet.    At first we didn't no what dat was.    But, we figured it out!   It means mama's starbbin us!

Brady & me are getting really small dinners, and no cookies!   Not even one!    Tonite mama mixed some green circle things and some orange cubes into our dinner.   Don't no what that stuff was, but I can tell you dat it wasn't meat!   

We gotta put a stop to this diet stuff our mamas & dads keep doin!    It just ain't right to starb a corgi!   

So, we made this petishun.    Maybe if all da corgis sine it, our hoomans will see just how mean they are to us!    If you feel the same we as us, please fill it out!

Want to see what other corgis have sed?   Just click on the picture (look good, don't they?  Dis is what we're fightin for!!)



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