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Fun in the Snow!!!!

Black Forest Regional Park

Zinger, Brady & Solo had a blast running in the snow (12/18/05)!   Unfortunately, I was using a back-up camera so the image quality isn't very good.   :-(   

Just click on an image to bring up a larger version.

It wasn't spossed to snow this weekend.   But, I'm really glad it did!

I love to run in the snow, but it made it hard to find sticks.

I'm gonna catch you, Zinger!

Let's wrassle, Solo!

Common, Solo.   Let's wrassle some more!

AHHHHHH, I love the feel of snow on my face!

I'm gonna wait for Solo to catch up

Hey, boys.   Where'd you go?

I see Brady, but where's Solo?

Hey Brady!   You seen Solo?

I FOUND him!

I got the toy.   Common & chase me!

Pretty view, but no corgis

Do you have my toy?

Got it!   Let's play some more!

Let's huddle together to stay warm

You gonna share that toy?

Don't get fresh, Brady!

Wait for me!

I love playing in the snow!

I'm starting to get a little tired.

OK, what now?

Let's just say outside & play all day!

My eyelashes got all frosty

What are you waitin for?   I brought it back.   Let's go again!

Where'd you guys go?

I like diggin in the snow with my nose

What's that noise?    Is there somethin I should be chasen?

Did you bring any food.   I'm starbin!

FOOD?!    I'll join you for a snack, Zinger!

I'm still waitin!

There was only two little pieces of food, so we went back to playin in the snow.



















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