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We went back to the cabin in Buena Vista in the middle of July (2005).      Here are our pictures.   Just click on one to bring up a bigger copy.


Arkansas River on Friday

Running along the river

Geez, Solo, I don't know if it's safe to jump in.   What don't you try & let me know?

No thanks, Brady.   Think I'll climb some rocks instead.   Let me know how the river is.

I'm still not ready to get wet!

Climbing rocks is fun, and DRY!

I found some shade

Let's go for a walk.    That's much better than swimming in any ole river.

It's getting hot outside.   The water's just a little tempting.

This is as close as I'm getting!

I got my feet wet!

Still just checking it out.  

Go on, Brady.   Just go in a little bit.  

Nope, YOU go first Solo!   Anyway, I found something interesting to smell.

I did jump in!    My belly got all wet.   Feels kinda good!

It's not so bad!   Nice and cool.

Tasty too!

Yeah!   Now, if I can just find some dirt to roll in!

I'm a RIVER dog!

I found a stick, so I'm happy!

We're having another great weekend!

We need a river at home.   Then, we could cool off whenever we want.

Wonder what's on the other side of this log?

I'm glad this part of the  river is shallow.   Getting your belly wet is good, but I don't wanta do no swimmin!

Are those people in the river?

Yeah, there really are people in the river.   I'm gonna watch em!

They're just people Solo.    Why don't you find a stick and have some fun?

Mama threw my stick this way, but I can't find it!

We don't wanna leave.   Let's just sit here for a little while longer.

Maybe my stick went this way.  I really need to find it!

Ummmmmm, what do we have here?

There are more people going down the river.    Looks like they're having fun.

Wait, there's not a single corgi in this picture!    What's it doing here?


Fun at the Cabin


We'll bring the toys back!

The ant eater is my favoritest toy in the whole world!

Sometimes I carry it around.   It grunts when I throw it, and it rattles too. 

I smell something good!

The yucky cactus stuck to us.  

Don't know how I got so dirty.  Better clean up before I go inside!

Judy sed we left the rug "black" last time.   It was the same as always.  So, right before we left, mama took this picture of how black it was.   Maybe Judy just doesn't like corgi hair?



The Drive Home -- Views from Wilkerson Pass


Wait, Mama.   I got somethin in my eye!













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