Solo's First Trial!!!!


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Solo ran in his first trial Labor Day weekend.    He did lots of sight seeing from atop the A-frame and dog walk and only qualified once.   But, we had lots of fun!


Wow, I didn't realize there was so much going on around me.   This is a great view!

Agility is fun.   I love running through tunnels.   But, sometimes I walk instead.     I went real slow and found a label inside one of the tunnels & pulled it out.   I was gonna run with it in my mouth.  But, I dropped it on the ground and the judge picked it up.

Just tell me which jump to take, and I'll do it!

I can do that jump too!

We finished the course!   It was fun.  Where's my liver?!

Havin fun with Mama!

Wait for me Mama!

Let's run!