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Brady, Solo & Zinger went to Black Forest Regional Park again!   Click on a picture to bring up a bigger version.

Come on, Solo!

I'm gonna catch you, Brady!

I wanna play with the ball too

Forget the squirrel, I just want to run!

Me & my ball are taking a rest

Zinger & Solo running

Zinger got the ball!

Where you going with my ball, Zinger?

Come on Solo!   You just took the stick to tease me.   Please give it back!

I decided to get the squirrel

Brady & Solo taking a rest

Let's play some more, Solo

3 beautiful corgis!

That's enough resting.   Let's play!

Even I'm getting a little tired now.

Dead bug!

Even though you sometimes make scary noises Solo, I still like you.

3 Beautiful, tired corgis!

Lori brought treats!


Solo & Zinger

Thirsty dogs

I know there's a water bowl under there

Lori & the boys




















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