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These pictures were taken during the fall of 2005.    Just click on an image to bring up a larger version.


We was at the Adams County Fairgrounds for an agility trial.   There was lots of time between runs, so we got to go for a long walk.

I liked this little lake.

I love it when I get to walk off-leash.

OK, we'll pose for the picture.   But, please don't make us wait too long.

The bed at this hotel was really tall.   Solo had a hard time jumpin up, but I could do it easy.

We got this new duck toy when Solo ran in his first-ever AKC trial on November 5!

I'm more vicious than you!

This is Sandi's place where we practice agility.    Zinger goes to school here!  We can't wait till we can practice with Zinger!!

I love doin agility.   But, I love explorin even more!

This is my new udder tug.    But, my teeth already cut through it.   Guess I need another new udder tug.  BOL!

What?   You want me to go between those poles?   You sure?

Brady Butt's butt

I love the dog walk.    I can run it really fast!

I know I'm supposed to run.   Most of the time I do.   But, sometimes I stay on top and look for bunnies.

Wanna dance?

I run really fast through the tunnels.

Restin again.    I worked really hard!

Bunny!   Did somebody say bunny?   There are lots of bunnies at Sandi's, and me & Brady warm up by chasin em.

I'm ready for my close-up.

We don't work all the time.   Sometimes we just wanna have fun.

I found a stick!
















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