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We returned to Wapiti Run Ranch in Buena Vista for the Independence Day (2005) weekend.   We always have a great time at the ranch!    Just click on an image to bring up a larger version.


I don't have to stay close to Mama at the ranch.

This is my Colossal Crab.    It has lots of squeakers!

This is my kingdom, no matter what Solo says!

I like to climb.   Cause I hurt my elbow, Mama wouldn't let me jump down.  She picked me up.    How humiliating!

Nope, I'm not coming inside.

The best thing about staying in the woods - there are sticks everywhere!

This was a good stick

Bunny Butts!

The cabin.   The closed up side was rented by mean people from Nebraska.   The open side was ours.   We hope we don't have to share it next time!

There are lots of cactuses.   This kind wasn't so bad.  There was another kind that had burr things that stuck to us a couple of times.

Come on Solo!

We like the field, but not as much as the woods.

Laying on a blanket, looking up

No thanks.   We don't want to come inside!

The reading "room."

I just want to explore

This is the life!

I spent the whole weekend exploring.

I'm ready to come in, Mama.

What are these things?

Wow, somebody had a bad day.   But, it sure smells good!

Every once in a while, I take a rest.

I'm the king of everything!

This is my kingdom.

Wonder if  Mama will notice if I roll in it just a little bit?

I smell something.   Gotta find out what it is!

I'm following the trail.   I think it's a bunny's smell!   The bunnies here are different - they're really really big!   Almost as big as a corgi.

We spent all weekend in the woods.  So, I needed a resting place.  I dug a little hole under Mama's chair, and it was a good shady spot.

Ain't we handsome?!

I'm a happy boy!

Even though we were outside starting at 6:00 in the morning, we still had energy to play!

Ha ha, Brady.   I'm on top!

Sometimes I got a little tired.

All the rest of the pictures are just views from the ranch.



































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