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On April 29, Brady & Solo visited Ute Valley Park.  They had a wonderful time and even found a big jackrabbit to chase!

Here are their pictures.   Just click on an image to bring up a larger version.   


Here I am when we was just starten our walk.  Still had lots of energy.  BOL!

We love to climb rocks!

Every time I was exploren, mama called me back.

Mama had to duck to get through this part of the trail, but we didn't have no problems fitten through.

Guess what I found?!

Here I am comen back after chasen the bunny.  I was getten tired.

We took a break.

You throw it.  I'll bring it back!

Taken time out for a drink of water.

I took time out too.

I was looken for that bunny, but we didn't find him again.

I got a little tired, so me & my stick took a rest.

I need more water!

Can't believe how many rocks there were for climen.   It was great!

I got my 2'nd wind and went exploren some more.

Here I am!

Wonder if I can clim down there?

I wish there were more places with big rocks for climen!

This is my NEW stick!   It looks like it's broken, but it's just weird shape.  I liked this stick a LOT!

If you look up in the tree, you'll see where my terrific stick ended up.    Sometimes mama throws really wild.   I'm sure she doesn't do it on purpose!

OK, I'm comen!   But, it was hard leaven the rocks!

I found a new stick!    We're just taken a quick rest.

Solo decided to take a rest too!   We ran & walked for hours!

OK, I feel better now.   You can throw it!   PLEASE!

Thanks!   You do your job & I'll do mine!

I'm comen!    Seems like I'm always behind.    That's cause I go exploren and have to catch up.

Guess which one's Brady!   BOL!   BOL!














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