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We went to Maybell for a 3 day agility trial.   On the way back, Mama stopped just after we went through Steamboat Springs.    We was happy to get out for a walk.   Then, we saw the SNOW and were really cited.    We didn't think we'd see snow again till September!    It was a great surprise!


This is what we saw when we got out of the van.     Wow, we was real happy!

Course, the first thing we had to do was roll in the great snow!

We rolled a lot.   Only the snow on top was soft, but we didn't mind.

After we rolled, it was time to splore.

Even the air smelled good!

We got to get our leashes off and run!

I just love sniffen the new smells.

With all these trees, there's gotta be a stick somewhere!

I'm comin!

Hey, we're not even in this picture!

What's goen on here?   We're not in this picture either!

I really wanted to go in the water, but the walk was steeper than it looks in the picture.

I love to climb!

No corgis here, either.

No corgis.   (Hey, who hijacked our page for these pictures with just trees?!)

I started getten a little tired.

Look what I found!!!!!

So much sploren to do, so little time!

Wonder how far I can go before Mama calls me back?

Here I am!

A close-up of me & my new stick.

We had the best time on this walk!   Snow's extra special when it's almost summer.

This picture was taken bout 100 miles after the first ones.    This time there was no snow, but the river was nice.

Just a picture of the mountain.

The river was real cold, but that didn't stop me from goen in a little bit.













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