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Brady, Solo & Zinger got together at the Bear Creek dog park on March 18.     A fantastic time was had by all! 

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I don't like it much when strange dogs sniff on me, but I do enjoy doen the sniffen!

Zinger & Pals

Let's ALL play!

I like this Golden puppy!

I'm comen!

Don't get carried away, Zinger! 

We chased the big black dog!


You can't see 'em, but we was still chasen the black dog & his ball!

He came back with his ball, but he was worried to have us chasen 'em.    

We like to run the fence.

We made lots of friends!

You can sniff me, that's OK!

We're haven lots of fun!

Me & Zinger really like each other!

Let's go this way!

We met this pretty corgi.   She's 8 years old and was real nice!

I made even more friends!

I'm payen attention to my mama!

I found a stick, but nobody would throw it for me.    :-(

See how clean I started out?!

Hey, watcha doin in the water?

Not sure getten wet's a good idea!

All those big dogs sure look like they're haven fun in the water.

I got a little closer to the water, but no way I'm jumpen in!

Me & Solo terrorized this big puppy!   All we did was bark at 'em, but he got scared of us.   Zinger didn't bark at him at all.

Hey, Solo you're getten awful close to the water.    Careful you don't fall in!

I just couldn't resist no more!

Is that  icicle I see hangen off that log?   This water's really cold!

I found this island in the stream!   ;-)

Not sure I wanna leave my little island.

I climbed up this really steep bank when I left the water.

I saw Solo go in the water, but I don't think I'm gonna be followen him!

Maybe I'll get my feet wet, but that's it.

Well, if Solo can do this water thing, then I can too!   After all, I'm the big brother.

This isn't so bad.

Solo AND Brady got in, so I had to show 'em that girls can do anything boys can do!

We was camouflaged! 

Hey Zinger, watcha sniffen?

This is the first time I ever got in a creek!

OOPS!   We got over to the other side & don't know how to get back to mama!

Maybe I can get back by walken over this log?

Hey, how do YOU get back over there?

I made it back to the other side, but I got a little dirty.    BOL!   BOL!




























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