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Brady & Solo had fun in the snow on January 21!    At least there was no mud this time!


You comin?

I found this stick.   It's little, but size doesn't matter.

This one's a little bigger.

Mama threw my stick up in this tree.   Sure wish she'd get better aim.

You seen my stick?

I'm still looken for my stick.

I wish Brady'd stop looken for that stick and play with me!

I don't care bout sticks.    But, I enjoy the enteresten smells.

I'm gonna rest for a while & chew on this little stick

I think I smell a bunny!

There's only a little piece of stick left

I love to walk in the snow

I'm comin!

I found this new stick!

This stick's even better!

We're haven a really good time

Let's run!

My stick's up in THIS tree now.     This is getten frustraten!

I'm just taken a quick rest

It's good that the ground's still frooze.   No mud today!

Here I come!!!




Can you tell that I lost my extra wate?!   Chasen sticks helped a lot!