Brady & Solo:   December 21 & 28, 2003


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Solo is growing up!   He was three months old on December 21.   To celebrate, he got his very first cow's ear.   Here are some photo's of Brady & Solo taken on the 21st.   Just click on an image to enlarge.

Brady with his cow's ear.



Solo tries to keep his ear around the new weave poles in hopes that Brady won't be able to get it!

This is SO good, but it's hard to get my teeth around it because it's so big.  Stay away Brady!!


These pictures were taken on December 28.   Solo wore a collar for the first time on the 27th, and he's learning to walk on a leash with the help of turkey breast treats.   He's also learning how to sit.   Solo starts Kindergarten on January 10!

Brady showing one of his Christmas presents.   It already has a hole in it.

The reason why it has a hole!

Brady still works to get Solo into the tunnel by running back and forth.   Solo's run the tunnel a few times, but Brady keeps running him over.

What you talk'n about?!

I'm learning how to "sit."

How cute am I!

Where's the turkey?


Practicing "sit"

I'm learning to walk on a leash.

I'd rather run beside the tunnel than through it!   That way I don't get rolled over by Brady.













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