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Brady -- May 1, 2003

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Well, Brady's been here two weeks tomorrow.    He is SO smart.  He's already learned "sit" and "watch me."  Brady is learning to walk on a leash, and we've been walking down the street and back in the mornings.  He doesn't like walking on the leash, but he'll do just about anything for a bite of chicken.   Every day we manage to go a little further between bites.   The walk ends in our fenced-in backyard where I take the collar and leash off.   Brady responds by taking the collar/leash in his mouth and shaking them vigorously.   I think that's his way of taking out his frustrations. 

Brady has a best friend in my Bengal cat, Baby (from the classic film Bringing Up Baby.)  Baby is a large muscular cat who plays so gently with Brady.   He lets Brady get away with so much, and when he gives Brady a correction, it's a gentle one with no hissing.  It's so much fun to watch Brady go tearing off after Baby.   For now, at least, the Bengal is much faster than Brady.   It will be interesting to see how the two match up as Brady matures.  Brady has not shown a single sign of aggression.  The cats can go right up to him while's eating something wonderful and he doesn't care.  I can take anything away from him.  OK, sometimes that's a challenge, <vbg>  but he doesn't respond with aggression.   He's yet to growl and he's only barked a few times since he's been here.  I'm hoping he'll bark more as he gets older.

Brady is so sweet, and he goes potty really well outside.  Unfortunately, he also goes potty really well inside when given the opportunity.   I need to get him a bell so that I can show him how to let me know when he needs to go out.  Except for one awful day when he got overly tired, Brady has never put up a fuss going into his crate.    He can't be trusted to sleep in bed with me.  So, he sleeps in the crate ON the bed.  He's never cried at night, not even the first night.  

I'm surprised at the number of words he understands already.  Tonight, we were outside before dinner, and I said "hungry?"   (Like I need to ask!)  Without realizing it, I guess I've been saying that every time before I feed him.  Well, tonight Brady ran as fast as he could to the back door and went right to his bowl when I opened the door.   Turns out Brady's particularly intelligent when it involves his tummy. 

We're enrolled in a puppy kindergarten class which starts May 13.  Can't believe my little baby is going off to school so soon!

These pictures were taken this afternoon.   Just click on one to bring up a larger version.   You can tell that Brady's left ear is down.  It was up until a few days ago.   I'm hoping it will come back up on its own, but he does look cute like this.




















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