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OK, we're only gonna talk about the places we really know about.    Thankfully, that means we won't have much to  say!

Place:   Angel Acre Farms (Peyton)
How we know it:   We spent six nights here in May of 2005
Would we come back:    Yes
Review by:   Brady


What we liked:   Well, if your mama's gonna abandon you, this is the place to stay.   It's a real horse farm!    Me & Solo were crated at night.   But, we got to run around and play all day.   There were kids who were really nice to us, and we got to play on the agility equipment.    Teresa and Mike treated us real good!    

What we didn't like:   Mama leaving us behind!

Place:  Colorado Cats (Black Forest)
How we know it:    We've stayed here LOTS of times
Would we come back:  Yes!
Review by:   Baby (Bengal Cat & Guest Commentator)


What we liked:  First, let me say that I know this is Brady & Solo's site and that the information is really for dogs.   However, sometimes people with dogs also have  sense enough to live with a more elevated species - cats.     We have been staying at Colorado Cats since I was a kitten.    Next to home, it is the most wonderful place.    We have a large inside area with a cat door that lets us go outside into our own private enclosure.    There is no traffic noise.  There are lots of trees and squirrels and birds everywhere.     Carol is great to us.   We get to come out and play with her every single day.     There are no dogs here.   In some ways, that's disappointing.   But, the silence is heavenly.   I cannot recommend Colorado Cats highly enough.

What we don't like:   Leaving home.

Place:   Dancing Dog Inn (Colorado Springs/Black Forest))
How we know it:   We do agility here all the time!!!   And, we stayed here for five nights!
Would we come back:   Yes!
Review by:  Solo


What we like:   Sandi!   She treats us REAL good!   And, there's lots of other dogs to play with during the day and lots of room outside for doen the playen.    We got to meet other dogs, and that was lots of fun!    At night and during our nap time, me and Brady got our own private places inside where it was nice and cool.   We didn't even have to share.  I liked haven my own bed stead of worren bout Brady hoggen it like he does.    We got to eat in our own places and have our bones there so that no other dogs could get em.       

Place:   Lucky Dog (Colorado Springs)
How we know it:   We go to daycare here.   We've never spent the night.
Would we come back:   Yes
Review by:  Solo


What we like:   We get to play with other dogs.   The people are friendly.    It's better than staying home and being bored all day.

What we don't like:   It's loud.   Sometimes they cut our nails.   (Mama thinks this is a good thing, but Brady & me don't like it!)    We like this place fine for spending the day.   We have fun.   But, we wouldn't want to stay here at night.