Brady & Solo - Feb. 8, 2004

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Brady is almost a year old!!    It's hard to believe!   Solo is 4 1/2 months old in these photos.   The boys are best buddies, and they really love each other.


Throw the toy, I'm READY!

Who's that barking?

I'll bring back the bumper, but first I want to enjoy the snow.

It's more fun when you jump on the contact trainer from the side, but  know I'm supposed to start from the bottom.

This is the BEST BALL!   Sometimes I roll it with my nose, but it's fun to use my teeth too.

I love to move this ball, but it's tougher in the snow.

Brothers & Best Friends!

Contact trainer, snow AND a bumper.  What more could a puppy ask for?

Brady's bigger, but Solo usually ends up with the toy.

The heck with the bumper, let's wrestle!

There's room for 2 on the wide side.

My teeth are sharper than your teeth!

I may be small, but I can open my mouth really wide.

Got your nose!

I'm almost as big as you!

This snow smells weird.   

I'm going to learn agility when I get big.

I learned "watch me" a long time ago.

















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