Saturday -- February 5, 2005


I started out clean, but before I rolled in the snow I just had to roll in some wonderful smelling mud!

Hey, how'd this snow get so dirty?

I'm tired of carrying this stick.  Will you throw it PLEASE?!

MY stick!

Two Bunny Butts!

Gotta love the Bunny Butts!

I LOVE to climb!   Maybe it has something to do with my Welsh heritage?

Mama's always worried that I'll hurt myself when I go climbing.   But, I'm very good at it!

I've been rolling in the snow for two hours.  But, I'm still dirty.

I found another stick!

I guess I shouldn't try.

It feels so good to roll in the snow after running for two hours!

We love to run!

I'm thirsty!   Time to eat more snow.

I love exploring the park.   Now that I'm grown up, I don't have to wear a leash!

Brady's not the only one who likes roll in the snow.   But, I'm not nearly as dirty cause I know better than to roll in mud!

I'm coming!

What view?

Can't we climb down & explore?